The Ardent Raceway Summer 3X Speed Series in support of Cancer Research

We would like to announce our fun, competitive and 'cost effective' yet high profile summer race series for all carpet formulas including TCs, 12th Pan, F1s, GTs, Minis and Mardaves.

Important Changes to Series

We are a new venture and new to running race events so don't always get it right :-), from feedback gained at the first Round of the series it would appear that 5 min 12th Heats and giving half our profits out as Cash Prizes was not what you racers want.

Therefore we are making the following changes from Round 2 onwards:

  • 12th Scale drivers will run 8 min Qualifiers and 8 min Finals
  • 4 from each entrant will be donated to Cancer Research, with an end of series Trophy for the top 10 in each Class
  • The series runs over 5 dates (see below) with your top 4 counting towards the title win.

    Ardent's Unique Race Format

    The Unique 3x format includes 3 rounds of qualifying followed by 3 finals for all. Each driver will add up all of their laps from each final giving them a XX in 900+ (5 min racing(8 min for 12th Scale)). Then the overall winner is the fastest from the finals. Now this means you can win the meeting from the bottom final if you have some bad qual runs!

    This gets over the once I've qualified the day is over unless you are in the A Final. Tactical racing will be the key, time not position. Cleaner racing!

    The dates for 12th Pan, F1, GT, Mini and Mardaves are:

    • Rd1 May 1st
    • Rd2 May 29th
    • Rd3 July 3rd
    • Rd4 July 31st
    • Rd5 August 28th

    All Saturdays. Rules to BRCA, with no control tyres.

    The dates for 10th Touring Car Stock, Pro-stock and Modified are:

    • Rd1 May 2nd
    • Rd2 May 30th
    • Rd3 July 4th
    • Rd4 August 1st
    • Rd5 August 29th

    All Sundays. Rules to BRCA, with no control tyres.

    These dates do not clash with TC nationals or the 12th Chesterfield meetings.

    How do you Enter?

    Simple, no pre-booking required, just turn up on the day, we can cater for 80+ people so accomodating you will not be a problem. Make sure that when you arrive you head over to race control with your BRCA number, ability (1-100), PT number and your name and we will get your booked in.

    How much does it cost?

    Just 6 for members, 8 non-members. For details about membership see the Membership page.

    What classes will be run for each formula?

  • Mardave - Stock - Foam Tyres
  • Mardave - Anything goes!
  • Mini - 2WD - Rubber Tyres
  • Mini - 4WD - Rubber Tyres
  • F1 - HPI F10 - Rubber Tyres
  • F1 - Anything goes!
  • 12th Pan - Stock
  • 12th Pan - Modified
  • GT - Anything Goes
  • Touring Car - Stock (13.5/27) - Rubber Tyres
  • Touring Car - Pro-Stock (10.5/19) - Rubber Tyres
  • Touring Car - Modified - Rubber Tyres

    Please spread the word and help make Ardent's first series a stonker!